The Lancashire Computing Hub works with schools and colleges across Lancashire to offer local, tailored support to schools and colleges, to improve the teaching of computing and increase participation in computer science. 

What do we offer?

The Lancashire Computing Hub is here to support primary and secondary continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, including a development programme designed to support teachers who want to improve their knowledge of computer science to teach it at GCSE level confidently. 

Additionally, the Lancashire Computing Hub can provide access to free, quality-assured resources aligned to the computing curriculum at key stages 1 to 4. To support teachers, the Lancashire Computing Hub provides training and resources for A-level teachers and students through the Isaac Computer Science programme. 

Finally, at the Lancashire Computing Hub, we offer high-quality support for the teaching of computing in schools and colleges, from Key Stage 1 through to A-level. Our extensive range of training, resources and support covers elements of the curriculum at every Key Stage, catering for all levels of subject knowledge and experience. 

Who can get support?

The purpose of the programme is to help improve the delivery of computing. As such, it is open to all state-funded schools and colleges in England. Please see a break down of the support available to the different key-stage phases:

Key stage 1 and 2:

Primary schools located in local authority districts 5 or 6 are eligible for fully funded support from a subject matter expert.

Key stage 3 and 4:

Schools and colleges that are not currently offering GCSE computer science or those based in the local authority district 5 or 6 are eligible for fully funded support from a subject matter expert. 

Subject Matter Experts:

We offer fully-funded consultancy from a network of subject matter experts, to support primary and secondary schools and colleges to improve their computing offer. Bursary funding is also available, payable to schools and colleges who meet the criteria below, upon completion of an action plan. 

Are you yet to offer GCSE computer science or considering reintroducing it? 

Your school/college will receive:

  • 2.5 days free consultancy and guidance
  • £1400 bursary

An additional £4000 bursary is available for schools and colleges who have not delivered GCSE computer science for an academic year or more and commit to delivering it in the next academic year. 

Are you considering dropping GCSE computer science?

Your school/college will receive:

  • 1-day free consultancy and guidance
  • £1400 bursary

Have you started teaching GCSE computer science in the last 2 years?

Your school/college will receive:

  • 1-day free consultancy and guidance
  • No bursary

Are you a primary or secondary school in Local Area District 5 or 6?

Your school/college will receive:

  • 0.5-day free consultancy and guidance
  • No bursary

The bursary for subject matter expert support is in addition to any funding we offer schools and colleges to support professional development.

What it costs:

The support offered to schools by the Lancashire Computing Hub is free of charge for eligible teachers, or at a reduced cost, and is funded by the Department for Education. 

All resources and online CPD are available at no cost to any teacher. 

Bursaries are available for eligible primary and secondary teachers to support participation in CPD. 

Find out more:

If you would like to further information on the support on offer, please contact David Batty - Lancashire Computing Hub Lead at 

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